Business Advisory Services

Countless of decisions are made in every business. However, making a good decision to flourish your business is not easy. While companies are responsible for their own businesses’ decisions, many choose to engage the third party for the expertise in analytical skills and professionalism. One common service that we offer includes due diligence, which can aid you in your decision making. We also take into consideration your financial status which would affect the purchased entity.

Our focus and expertise are in the SMEs to facilitate the growth of businesses from start-up to going public by looking into a diverse business requirement to help them develop strategies, assemble the right management team and put together operations and financial processes to measure and sustain profitability and growth. That being said, we have been experiencing in working with business owners and leadership team across the area of succession, growth, competitiveness and governance, hence we understand their needs in particular of the objectives to formulate a business value proposition to achieve their vision.

We dedicated our professional team to focus on our clients’ needs and offer one stop access to integrated solutions to create competitive advantage. Such services as per following:  

  • Assist in providing business financial health check
  • Assist in preparing business proposals and financial modelling forecast
  • Assist in developing strategic business and succession plan
  • Assist in sourcing angel or private equity funding
  • Assist in in-house corporate finance services on a retainer basis